Mila Blackman St-Pierre [09.16.10]

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Rating: 9.1/10 (459 votes cast)
Nom Mila Blackman St-Pierre
Age 23 ans
Ville Lachine
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Mila Blackman St-Pierre, 9.1 out of 10 based on 459 ratings
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20 comments for this entry:
  • Danny

    Vote Mila!

  • DRE

    hey je te connais toi t ma blonde quesd tu fais sur le net looooooooool
    cherie a la maison fait le souper looooool

    bonne chance je taime lol

  • Big C

    ta pas bcp de competition, ne t’inquiete pas :P

  • Faush

    T’a pas trop de compétition cocotte !! T’es une vrai top poule !!! J’espère que va gagner ca !!!

  • Rock Star

    Eille chez pas ce la quelle tes autres filles qui ta envoyer ecrire des commentaires mais Mila est celibataire. Mais si tes rendus la dans tes tactiques, je te souhaite parreille la bonne chance.

  • Lauretta_s4641

    why are there 429 ppl who visited this link and like it did not click on the stars to vote?

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  • Ravishingdragon

    superstar model

  • Annsoul

    t la plus belle!! pis de loin!! ;)

  • Lauretta_s4641

    This is sick everyone is voting you down,also I noticed that the percentage and votes cast change and not always upwards but downwards on cast votes and upwards on percentage..something not right …

  • Mhenri3

    suprt belle et intelligente

  • iCe_MoUtOn

    we are trying our best to remove “hainous” votes so that is why the number of votes go down and the pct goes up

  • Lauretta_s4641

    well it is obviously not working this is 1/2 the results from a week ago and then half are unfairly is this a farce or let thinds as they were before adjustment and then let things ride..this is so unfair..



  • Lauretta_s4641

    it still doesn’t make sense I have been watching closely and Mila’s vote casts are going up but her % is going down ,so ppl are voting her down .I guess this is a dirty game,in the end people will know

  • iCe_MoUtOn

    yes unfortunately a lot of hate votes are made everyday, we do our best to keep up so that the results are up to date, but the final results will be free of those votes…

  • Lauretta_s4641

    also a lot of my friends from Ontario have tried to vote and they said it wouldn’t take their votes the 10 star anyways..I hate to be a bother but you should look into that..Thanks

  • Lisa Williams

    vote for Mila she better looking then the rest and she has what it takes

  • Lauretta_s4641

    I can’t believe this i watched the numbers carefully daily and the numbers never made sense..but congrats to all the girls..

  • abdel

    salut mila ton nom sa me dit qelle que chose